Reverse osmosis

The formulations developed by AQUAPROX prevent the build-up of deposits (biological, organic, or mineral deposits) in water treatment membranes, and deterioration of them caused by oxidising agents (chlorine).

To increase the membranes’ service life, AQUAPROX developed a specific range of products to respond to the problems linked to the various types of pollution encountered.

AQUAPROX product range

AQUAPROX® MTN Preventive treatments based on polymers and phosphonates adapted to all types of water.
Acid and base corrective treatments.
Preventive • Inhibition of mineral deposits (scale etc.) • Control of biological developments Industry
Institutional and Residential
AQUAPROX® MTN Microbiological development treatments. Corrective • Scale removal from membranes • Cleaning of organic deposits


Heat production and distribution

Industry concerned
Heat and energy network operator.

Issues encountered

  • Delivery times too long
  • Storage outsourced to a supplier’s premises
  • Lack of advice and advice about reverse osmosis chains
  • Cumbersome technical/economic solutions

Technical solutions applied

In addition to supplying reagents within short delivery deadlines, we offer advice and follow-up about their implementation and regarding the whole water production chain thanks to our know-how in the field of membrane techniques.
The objective of this consulting approach regarding the implementation of treatments is to optimise injection intervals and dosings.

Implementation of

  • The AQUAPROX MTN 2950 sequestering agent, a reagent derived from our green range, which is a product that does not pose health hazards, that does not have a pictogram, and is environmentally friendly.
  • Déchloration AQUAPROX MTN 9740, a reducing agent containing potassium bisulphite among other things. AQUAPROX MTN 2510, , a reducing agent based on sodium bisulphite. AQUAPROX MTN 6260 and AQUAPROX MTN 6280, acid and alkaline cleaning products providing a response to reverse osmosis unit cleaning needs..AQUAPROX MTN OX, non-oxidising biocide, which enables biofilm development to be combated
    effectively during reverse osmosis units’ shut-down and restart periods

Operational results

AQUAPROX reagents for reverse osmosis units are operational and completely fulfil the operational objectives set by the customer.

  • Fast delivery times < 7 days
  • Storage/consignment at our plant at Mée sur Seine (Seine-et-Marne)
  • Optimisation of the injections and dosings
  • Advice and service regarding reverse osmosis chains

Economic results

  • Saving of 15% to 20% on the products
  • Reduction in how frequently membrane injections occur

Gains and benefits for the customer

The customer now has a comprehensive Aquaprox solution on its site: products, service and advice.

  • Securing the supply chain
  • Low environmental impact of the products
  • Cost savings on products: accompanying non-dangerous reagents supplied.
  • Ingénierie
  • Services
  • Maintenance & Assistance
  • Recyclage