Water treatment products

Industry and local bodies are the largest water consumers in Europe and their needs differ depending on the processes and uses involved. Increasingly stringent regulations are forcing industrial operators to treat pollution in order to preserve water resources, optimise costs and secure their production plant.

Faced with these challenges, AQUAPROX offers solutions and formulations to industrial operators and local bodies for the following segments:

  • Treatment of boiler water
    Innovative programmes enabling water savings and the reliability and safety of the installation to be increased.
  • Treatment of cooling system water
    Adapted solutions based on a combination of preventive treatments: dispersing, scale-inhibiting and biocide agents.
  • Treatment for reverse osmosis
    Specific programmes to optimise the service life of the membranes and increase the efficiency.
  • Treatment of water at wastewater treatment stations
    Setting up treatments capable of treating discharges so that the standards in force can be fulfilled.
  • Biotechnologies
    Natural, non-pollutant alternatives to the use of traditional chemical molecules.
  • Institutional and Residential sectors
    Treatment solutions intended for public heating and air conditioning operating companies to ensure the sustainability of installations and to optimise the functioning of the equipment.
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