Toll manufacturing

Since 1988, AQUAPROX has been developing expertise and capitalising on know-how now provides it with positioning as a priority technical partner for water specialists.

AQUAPROX manufactures high-performance quality products in its fully automated production unit at Mée-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne), amounting to 10,000 tonnes per year.

To develop or market a range of customised products, AQUAPROX places the following at your disposal:

  • Its expertise out in the field,
  • Its knowledge of industrial processes,
  • Its ability to innovate,
  • Its high-performance technological installations,
  • Its production capacity,
  • Its in-depth knowledge of regulations in force,
  • Its quality control.

In accordance with a mutual confidentiality agreement, AQUAPROX allows you to benefit from the latest technologies, and its analysis laboratory to check the quality of the results obtained (deposits analysis).

AQUAPROX relieves you of the product’s regulatory aspect associated with its transfer (Quick SDS).