• Optimised service: a dynamic of ongoing progress
    The Aquaprox teams take advantage of their expertise, know-how, knowledge and innovative capacities to optimally respond to your demands. They advise you by conducting audits, and analyses of production sites, processes or applications.
  • Customised solutions: Making progress together
    The human scale of our company enables us to actively listen to our customers and develop a local-level relationship based on trust in order to provide customised, innovative solutions. Thanks to their rigour and professionalism, Aquaprox engineers offer you customised solutions whilst providing a complete overview of the chemical applications, treatment equipment and the overall  applications within the framework of water treatment. They also determine the performance levels of the equipment and the processes.
  • A long-term relationship: Full knowledge of our customers’ specific needs
    Aquaprox’s interventions take place within the context of a long-term relationship. Only time enables a full knowledge of the realities faced by individual customers, local bodies, industrial operators, or tertiary companies to be acquired, and providing better support to the customers as their needs change. Today, each customer is a partner. For some industrial operators, this relation may take the concrete form of an outsourcing contract for some business lines, thereby allowing it to refocus on core business. Financing, design, implementation and follow-up of the service are thus proposed.
  • Local service and performance: quick and effective interventions
    Our flexible and responsive teams are always ready to mobilise themselves to respond to the emergency situations which our customers may be confronted with, and to guarantee them quality services and progress actions for an optimal result.


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