Safety policy at production sites

Ongoing improvements to a safety policy aimed at protecting people and installations is one of AQUAPROX’s objectives. In fact, safety contributes to the efficiency of its line of business and consequently to its sustainability.

The safety policy is structured based on 2 main orientations:

  • Prevention
    To reduce risks, Aquaprox has implemented prevention measures to enable the possible causes of incidents, accidents and occupational illnesses to be eliminated to the maximum extent possible. Emergency procedures and plans are up and running so that any accidents can be dealt with.
  • Raising awareness
    Each employee is informed of the safety rules and must apply them to preserve his or her health and avoid bodily harm. Managerial staff are responsible for the proper implementation of these rules. Any serious or potentially serious incident, or any declared accident, is analysed and every step is taken to ensure it will not reoccur.

Aquaprox’s commitment

For a number of years, AQUAPROX has been committed to a certification approach (health, safety, quality) which enables:

  • Development and strengthening of its links with its customers, its partners and its suppliers.
  • Raising the awareness of its employees on an ongoing basis regarding optimally managing and keeping a cap on its production costs.
  • Mobilising everyone in relation to a shared project.

MASE (Corporate Safety Improvement Manual) health and safety standard

Aquaprox has had MASE certification since 2009.


Safety and products

Aquaprox Safety Data Sheets (SDS) that can be accessed directly Quick_FDS

You have shown your trust in us by using our products. We are now providing you with unrestricted access to the safety sheets data  because we, like you, are always careful to comply with the legislation  in force. We have chosen the Quick SDS platform, which provides transmission of Safety Data Sheets on a secure, certified basis in accordance with regulations.

Main advantages

  • In terms of regulatory compliance; to fulfil the obligations of REACH (the European Regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) concerning having SDSs.
  • In organisational terms: Sub-contracting the part of the management of suppliers SDSs that offers no added value (calls for SDSs, capture) and freeing up time for other tasks requiring your HSE expertise.
  • In legal terms: Having proof of calls for SDSs.
  • In technical and economic terms: Benefiting from a shared platform for handling calls for SDSs and making use of them.


Each update to the AQUAPROX safety data sheet prompts an e-mail warning informing you that a change has been made. This will allow you to have the very latest version of the safety data sheet at your disposal.