Company profile

AQUAPROX, which specialises in water treatment, offers solutions, equipment, engineering and formulations to industrial operators and municipal (cooling water for air cooling towers, boiler steam and hot water, process water, and wastewater plant water)

AQUAPROX is a French family firm guided by a sense of enterprise and innovation.

Its affiliation with the Protex International Group, an independent French Industrial Group that manufactures chemical specialties for industrial purposes, made it one of the key players on the water treatment market. Protex International was founded in 1932 and continues to be run by the Moor family.

 AQUAPROX offers creative value-added solutions with a combination of technologies and innovative services oriented towards energy and water savings in order to:

  • Increase its customers’ competitiveness
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase the service life of installations
  • Ensure production reliability
  • Control risks, including Legionella pneumophila – all of these are the advantages provided by Aquaprox to its customers.

 AQUAPROX has operations established in France, Europe and Africa.

Main assets:

  • An integrated water treatment company
  • Secure procurement of its raw materials for the manufacture of its products
  • Technical and technological expertise that spans 25 years
  • Water resource optimisation
  • A diversified offer: studies, products, and services


External growth

Aquaprox-tertiaire-logoIn 2011, AQUAPROX acquired the company HYTEC INDUSTRIE , located in the Val d’Oise (France), which designs, builds and maintains water treatment installations in the industrial environment upstream and downstream from the manufacturing process.

HYTEC-industrie has been part of the AQUAPROX group for 9 years already.
After a progressive integration, Hytec industrie is now AQUAPROX I-TECH (Industrial Technologies). As a group membership, AQUAPROX I-TECH puts forward its synergistic activities at the sevice of its customers and industrial partners.

AQUAPROX I-TECH is active mainly in the chemicals, glass, cardboard manufacturing, reprography, and agrofood production sectors, and offers:

  • Treatment of process water and water for utilities (filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, etc.)
  • Pollution prevention via recycling units (evaporative concentration, ion exchange, membrane separation, etc.)
  • Treatment of liquid effluent using physical & chemical, biological and thermal processes…


Clarflok-logoIn 2012, AQUAPROX acquired the company CLARFLOK , which is based in Belgium and specialises in the implementation and distribution of water treatment products (for drinking water, industrial water and wastewater) and sludge.

CLARFLOK is now a benchmark in terms of the implementation of water treatment products.

CLARFLOK’s extensive expertise in the treatment sector complements Aquaprox’s knowledge, and especially its capabilities of providing solutions for wastewater treatment plants entailing optimal technical and economic efficiency.


Aquaprox-tertiaire-logoOn the 15th of October 2018, Promaiga SN becomes AQUAPROX Tertiaire.

December 2013, PROMAIGA joined AQUAPROX Group and became PROMAIGA SN.
PROMAIGA SN, based at the South East of Paris, gives innovative and technical solutions for water networks protection.

Offers: Treatment solutions intended for public heating and air conditioning operating companies.


Catra-logoAQUAPROX’s Water Division strengthens its position in the water treatment market with the acquisition of CATRA in Italy and AAQUA in Belgium.

CATRA is a provider of specialties for drinking water, waste water and sludges treatments

This acquisition follows on from the acquisition of CLARFLOK in Belgium in 2012.


Aquaa-logoAAQUA is a specialist in industrial water treatment plant engineering and construction.  AAQUA has a high know how in Water Treatment Engineering (manufacture of floatation skids and polymer preparation systems).

With this acquisition AQUAPROX’s Water Division strengthens its position in Engineering offers.


NOVOCHEM is a manufacturer offering low emission and completely biobased products for treating cooling water, process water, boiler water and waste water.