Paper making industry

AQUAPROX supports paper manufacturers in optimising their environmental performance, improving their energy efficiency and, more generally speaking, in reducing costs linked to the water cycle.

AQUAPROX solutions cover the whole water cycle:

  • Treatment of raw water and process water
  • Boiler water supply
  • Aerobic biological physical and chemical treatment
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Treatment of olfactory pollution
  • Water recycling

A few references

Manufacturing the effluentng wood-free uncoated paper for printing/writing on (Lorraine – East of France
Decolourising the effluent

Mission assigned to AQUAPROX

  • Optimising the wastewater plant’s operation
  • Reducing intense colours discharged and the associated Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
  • Compliance with environmental standards

The AQUAPROX solution

  • Mise en place d’un traitement fongique ad-hoc
  • Addition d’un coagulant organique spécifique pour piéger les colorants


  • Operating flexibility
  • Improvement of the efficiency levels (COD, suspended solids)
  • Controlled environmental impact (colour