MANAGEMENTBeyond its line management structure, AQUAPROX’s smooth running depends on the transverse relations of its Management Committee for the purpose of sharing its know-how, providing a source for capitalising on and ensuring ongoing improvements in all fields.

Sales team

AQUAPROX’s organisational structure reflects a straightforward objective: to satisfy its customers. During the course of its development, AQUAPROX has never lost touch with this principle, and it has therefore structured itself so it will always be able to maintain relations at local level with its customers.

Its organisational structure is defined according to geographical areas, with regional managers overseeing a team of engineers and technicians on site who work in support of industrial operators and municipal.

Support functions

The support functions (the marketing, communication, logistics, legal, information technology, and administrative functions) contribute to the success of business through the support they provide. For a responsive, good-quality service, the Customer Service Department is centred at Head Office and benefits from infrastructure enabling an effective response to customers.