Protection of the environment

Water treatment for energy conservation

Whatever the use of water in tertiary or industrial applications, it is subject to alteration.

Heat, steam, cooling, and even pollution change its properties, such as scale, corrosion, biofouling, and many other water-related disorders. In addition to the impact on plant life, these problems are also a source of significant energy costs.

Aquaprox le traitement des eaux au service des gains énergétiques
By implementing appropriate water treatment solutions, AQUAPROX supports its customers in reducing energy costs and thus limiting environmental impact.

Effluent treatment plant optimization is a key factor in industrial environmental issues, not only in terms of energy consumption but also CO2 emissions and sewage sludge proliferation. 

AQUAPROX group’s experience, both in terms of treatment programs and engineering, offers synergies that enable manufacturers to reduce the operating costs of their water treatment plants, both upstream and downstream of the industrial process.

Water performance and water conservation

Water performance and conservation are crucial issues for the future of everyone, including industrial companies and local authorities. Industrial companies have a responsibility not only in terms of water consumption, but also in terms of the quality of discharges of treated water into the natural environment.

AQUAPROX Le traitement et l'amélioration des rejets en milieux naturels

Treatment and improvement of discharges into the natural environment:

Industrial and tertiary operators are responsible for redistributing collected water after its use. AQUAPROX supports all industrial companies in treating their wastewater to ensure its optimization and quality. By implementing appropriate and site-specific effluent treatment and wastewater treatment technologies, AQUAPROX supports its partners to ensure that they are compliant and efficient in treating effluent and discharging it into the natural environment.

Industrial water recycling:

Among existing solutions, end-of-cycle water recovery is widely used by manufacturers and increasingly by local authorities. Treated wastewater reuse refers to processes that allow process water or wastewater to be recycled and returned to the industrial water cycle. For nearly three decades, AQUAPROX has been helping manufacturers to limit water consumption and conserve the resource.

AQUAPROX Le recyclage des eaux industrielles

Technologies that have less impact on the environment

As a manufacturer of water treatment systems and specialty products, AQUAPROX is also responsible for striving as much as possible, and more every day, toward more environmentally friendly models and solutions:


Customized equipment and facilities to optimize water cycle management,
AQUAPROX Recherche continue


Continuous research of innovative products and equipment to further limit the most polluting substances and molecules: phosphate and phosphorus reduction, etc.
AQUAPROX des alternatives bio-sourcées


Bio-based alternatives and substitutes for the most hazardous specialty chemicals (carcinogens, mutagens, reprotoxics, endocrine disruptors)

Our other mission: the industrial performance

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