Institutional and Residential

The prevention of legionella and corrective actions for disinfection, descaling, demisting (CSBT Certification) and balancing networks are the services most requested by establishments using domestic hot water systems: air-cooled, closed hot and cold, superheated water and low pressure steam systems.

AQUAPROX intervenes in relation to hotels, airports, shopping centres, urban boiler plant operators, public development and construction offices (OPAC), etc. in order to perform diagnostics, carry out preventive and corrective treatments
of the indoor water networks, and to provide high-performance economic solutions.

Screening and prevention of the risk of legionella in domestic hot water installations is a legal obligation for public buildings.

A few references

Heating and air conditioning installation and operating company.

Mission assigned to AQUAPROX

  • Advice and prevention
  • Recommendation of treatments (filtration, softening, film-forming treatment, sludge removal, descaling , disinfection, passivation and balancing the network)
  • Managing sites in terms of treatment
  • A partnership based on trust


  • The sustainability of the installations
  • Improvement of operation of the installations
  • Innovative, sustainable solutions