Our products innovations

AQUAPROX develops a specific product and service offer for all its markets, industrials and local authorities by responding to our changing planet.
AQUAPROX’s innovation policy covers 3 themes :


Search for
& creation of partenerships

Search for and creation of partnerships contributing to the development of a sustainable chemical sector.
The collaboration between AQUAPROX and a diversified network of public and private sector partners brings innovating solutions that meet its clients’ expectations. Over 10 partners since 2004: Universities (LCME Poitiers, Marseille and Strasbourg), Engineering schools (EME Rennes and INSA Lyon), Institutionals (INRA, CNRS, Pasteur…).

diminution de l’impact environnementale du traitement de l’eau

Development of alternative
products & solutions

Development of alternative products and solutions in the framework of a reduction in the environmental impact of water treatment.

To limit environmental footprints and provide its clients “green” alternatives, AQUAPROX develops chemicals using renewable resources.

économies d’eau et d’énergie pour accroitre sa compétitivité et celle de ses clients

Innovating technology
& service offer

Innovating technology & service offer based on water and energy savings to increase its competitiveness and that of its clients.

Major investments in “white bio-technology” so that AQUAPROX can offer its clients innovating and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Our Eco²Protect line

Having a sustainable development policy while keeping your facilities operating is possible! Thanks to the Eco²Protect line of AQUAPROX products (Eco² for Ecological and Economic).

Our Eco²Protect line

For the ecological part

Eco²B and Eco²L are based on plants to treat steam boilers and closed circuits

Eco²C (Novotraqua) and Eco²S are bio-sourced, phosphate-free products to treat sterilisation processes and cooling towers

Eco²W is made using specific micro-organisms to improve the performance of waste-water treatment stations

And for the economic part

Our experts propose an effective treatment program that improves the performance of your installations while reducing your operating costs (savings of water and energy with a reduced environmental impact).

Eco²Cell & Eco²Cline line

Gamme Eco²Cell & Eco²Cline

Sanitary safety

Today, AQUAPROX ECO²Cline allows industrials who want to control the sanitary safety of their installations to guarantee the safety of their staff, to use this technology while reducing their environmental impact.

Reduction of the environmental footprint

AQUAPROX, faithful to its commitments to reduce the environmental footprint, now offers manufacturers an innovative electrolysis solution, the ECO²Cline. Without the use of any chemical precursors, the high performance ECO²Cline electrodes only use energy to treat water in line..

Our innovative equipment

Optimus C10

Optimus C10 is a solution used to manage open and closed circuit cooling systems for industry and the tertiary sector.
Put otherwise, it is a PLC composed of sensors that can analyse the physical-chemical parameters of water and regulate the pH, conductivity and active matter in the circuits. If an anomaly is detected, Optimus C10 sends users an alarm signal and notifications on the derived substances.
As soon as these alarms are received, AQUAPROX technical teams support you remotely to troubleshoot and eliminate the discrepancies.
This permanent analysis system makes it possible not only to reduce water, energy and treatment product consumption, but also guarantees faultless water quality for our clients’ facilities.

How does it work ?

The PLC has a water connection to the clients’ cooling systems to analyse the usual physical-chemical parameters :

  • pH,
  • Conductivity
  • ORP
  • Fluorimetry
  • Flow

The benefits

Real time data analysis makes it possible to reduce intervention times and be more responsive. We can thus limit the derived substances that can have an impact on industrial installations.
The continuous and standalone control of the installation also makes it possible to reduce water, energy and treatment product consumption.

Check out the video below to find out more :

To sum up, Optimus C10 :

  • Permanently analyses the physical-chemical parameters of critical installations,
  • Adapts the treatment depending on the derived substances it finds
  • Warns users of anomalies that are found

Presentation video of the Aquaprox Optimus C10 and TopWise solutions

GATEWAY and TopWise

interface logiciel GATEWAY et TopWise


GATEWAY is a connected solution that works with our Optimus C10 PLC. It is used to send all the physical-chemical data for our clients’ facilities to our TopWise control platform.
A solution that is both smart and flexible, this new technology can also extract information when connected to different PLCs of any brand, such as an external hardness, suspended matter or silica analysers.

A crucial link between our Optimus C10 PLC and our TopWise control platform, GATEWAY is a vital data transmission element for effective and optimised water treatment.


Our TopWise platform receives all the physical-chemical data from the GATEWAY solution to order and analyse it.
Using multiple graphs, reports and dashboards, this analysis and control platform facilitates:

  • Product level management
  • Dosing and water consumption control
  • The identification and analysis of abnormal events
  • The search for the triggering factors behind those discrepancies

Using this equipment, we can centralise and digitise all this physical-chemical data to control your water treatment installations in the best way. Finally, the time saved in managing those installations will let you concentrate your energy on your core business.

TopWise Access

TopWise Access

What is TOPWISE Access ?

TOPWISE Access is a platform (or web app) used to report and monitor the physical-chemical parameters of the installations we treat.

Who can use it ?

AQUAPROX, its technical and sales department and the clients that have signed up to the service.

Benefits of the system

  • Centralisation of Client and AQUAPROX data on the platform
  • Increased responsiveness available on all media: PC, tablets, phones, etc.
  • Data redundancy by analysis of operator data
  • Creation of a history and point cloud – Facilitates annual assessments
  • Easy analysis of technical events
  • Alarms
  • Automatic sending of reports.

Remote maintenance & Engineering

Since late 2020, by installing and smart and innovating equipment, our teams can provide secure and remote monitoring of all your water production or effluent treatment installations.

By installing PLCs on our clients’ sites and using our monitoring tool we can monitor your installation operations 24*7. An alarm system is set up to get real time notifications of any detected malfunctions to be able to take action as quickly as possible, either on site or remotely.

Télémaintenance & Ingénierie


The AQUAPROX Water division is launching a new offer focused on the recycling of lost industrial water.
AQUAPROX has concentrated its know-how and experience at the service of industrials and the environment in its ART, AQUAPROX REUSE TECHNOLOGY, offer specific to industrial water recycling.
it is a complete offer with tailored support from hydraulic studies through to operational optimisation.
Let’s protect this valuable resource and our planet together.