AQUAPROX develops a products and services offer specific to each of its markets, industrial operators and local bodies, thereby providing a response to our changing world.

AQUAPROX is pursuing its innovation policy according to 3 orientations:

  • Seeking out and creating partnerships that contribute to the development of sustainable chemistry

    The collaborative efforts between Aquaprox and a diverse network of public and private-sector partners provide innovative solutions fulfilling its customers’ expectations. More than 10 partners since 2004: Universities (the LCMEs (Water Microbiology and Chemistry Labs) in Poitiers, Marseilles and Strasbourg), Engineering Schools (the Rennes EME (Environmental Sectors School, and the Lyons INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences), and various institutions (the INRA, CNRS (National Scientific Research Centre), Institut Pasteur, etc.).

  • Development of alternative products and solutions within the context of reducing the environmental impact of water treatment

    To limit the environmental footprint and provide its customers with alternative green solutions, Aquaprox develops chemical products from renewable resources.

  • Offer of innovative technologies and services oriented towards saving energy and water in order to increase its competitiveness and its customers’ competitiveness

    By making major investments in ²white biotechnologies², Aquaprox is able to offer environmentally-friendly innovative solutions to its customers.