For a number of years, Aquaprox has been committed to an improvement dynamic in the environmental field with the following key objectives:

  • To reduce the environmental footprint of its lines of business
  • To preserve natural resources


  • To reduce the environmental footprint of its lines of business Over a 5-year period, AQUAPROX has eliminated all toxic products and no longer uses any raw materials with a CMR1 and CMR2 classification (that are Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Toxic to Reproduction). AQUAPROX is continuing its policy of replacing non-biodegradable synthetic products with products made with bio-sourced raw materials.
    The objective is to reduce the quantity of products used, while maintaining the desired technical performance. In close collaboration with  its customers, Aquaprox engineers develop and offer alternative techniques to reduce the impact of the products on the environment, such as reducing the flow of discharges into the natural environment.
  • To preserve natural resources Thanks to the efforts and the inventiveness of its engineers, AQUAPROX can offer its customers substantial water savings through more efficient water use and by recycling water.
    To cool a process, depending on the technology applied, water needs can range from basic to more than threefold. Tight management of the water  cycle is part of Aquaprox’s job. Depending on the operating conditions, users assisted by Aquaprox engineers will learn how to get the best out of  their water.
    By using water reuse technologies, the customer will achieve substantial  water savings. In particular, recycling is carried out on outlet water from wastewater treatment plants and cooling systems. Membrane separation, ion      exchange and evaporative concentration processes are the most suitable solutions.