Reverse osmosis

Rolls-Royce-aéron_webThe principle of reverse osmosis is based on removing salts using a semi-permeable membrane; consequently you need to avoid using hazardous dangerous reagents like acid or caustic soda.
This process is easy to implement and operate, and it is also particularly compact.

The reverse omosis units range, which has been developed over several years, responds to the special applications encountered in water purification. The processes developed by AQUAPROX enable real water savings.
AQUAPROX has all the sizing tools required depending on the available water quality.

The AQUAPROX and AQUAPROX I-TECH design departments conceptualise installations based on membrane techniques, which have numerous applications.

Implemented on the top-up systems for cooling systems or steam boilers (if necessary associated with a polishing stage): reverse osmosis enables improved water quality and reduces the number of blow-down operations, thereby optimising the functioning of these systems.

Reverse osmosis may constitute a finishing stage in effluent treatment, enabling the treated water to be reused.