For the last 25 years, AQUAPROX, through its subsidiary AQUAPROX I-TECH, has been studying, designing and executing treatment installations for process water and liquid industrial effluent.

Based on an expression of needs developed to a greater or lesser extent, AQUAPROX I-TECH analyses input data and supplements or validates that data where necessary. This phase may require performing laboratory analyses, or even tests liable to lead to the implementation of an on-site pilot project.

The company has a design department and the skills to design and offer effluents treatment and recycling solutions that match the requirements of most industrial business lines.

AQUAPROX I-TECH’s line of business covers a broad spectrum, from defining the project through to the deliverables, and the turnkey implementation of specific equipment items or full installations.

The acquisition of AAQUA extended AQUAPROX’s Water Division’s offer.

In industry, water usage is a complex issue because water is used successively as a raw material,
as a driving force, as a solutes transporter, and as a means of carrying energy.

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