AQUAPROX designs, manufactures, and manages the commissioning of major infrastructure for treating the water from nuclear, thermal, or electric power stations.

Its provision of services covers the whole water cycle, regardless of the type of raw water (sea water, ground water, surface water, water recycled from effluent), the nature of the wastewater, and the recycling objectives. Aquaprox takes into account the reliability and performance requirements expected by this sector.

Currently, the high level of competitiveness is forcing electric power stations to improve reliability, profitability and efficiency on an ongoing basis, whilst boosting their performance levels and their compliance with environmental requirements. Aquaprox has developed tried and tested innovative solutions in the fields of processes and water treatment which can help this sector to achieve its objectives.

A few references

Thermal power plants, combustion turbines

Mission assigned to AQUAPROX

  • Recommendation of the treatments
  • Supply of the products without a break in the supply chain
  • Guarantee of results in terms of corrosion and treatment against legionella
  • Compliance with discharge standards
  • Analytical monitoring and operating recommendations subsequent to an expert assessment


  • Keeping a cap on operating costs
  • Water savings
  • Extending the service life of production plant
  • Peace of mind about regulatory checks for operators
  • Compliance with environmental requirements