Automotive industry

AQUAPROX provides customised solutions to many participants in the automotive industry in terms of the production of demineralised or permeated water and the conditioning of systems or treatment.

With AQUAPROX I-TECH, AQUAPROX is present in every stage of the water cycle. Its know-how and its capacity to rapidly intervene make it a fully-fledged partner for builders in the following fields:

  • Environmental protection
  • Reducing the total cost of ownership
  • Increasing processes’ efficiency and yields
  • Securing the processes and making them reliable
  • Extending the service life of resources
  • Delegated maintenance and operation of the installations

A few references

One of the main motor vehicle production sites in France. Outsourced management of all the water used at the site.

Mission assigned

  • Sampling, screening, decarbonation, filtration of surface water: 800 m3/h
  • Production of demineralised water: 4 units
  • Softening: 19 units
  • Conditioning of 9 air-cooled tower systems (17 towers)
  • Treatment of paint surface treatment effluents: 40 m3/h
  • Monitoring 6 biological micro-stations


  • Full service delegation, including 24/7 on-call service
  • Regular reduction of water consumption
  • Ongoing optimisation of the treatment solutions

On this market, there are many other references in terms of the maintenance of installations and the supply of chemical specialties.

Glass industry

The glass industry consumes water as part of various processes and particularly for cooling. It also generates specific effluents during the shaping and transforming phases: flat glass, hollow glass, fibres, and other items.

Faced with ever-greater economic and environmental constraints, the sector’s industrial operators are constantly seeking new avenues of progress in terms of water management.

Through AQUAPROX I-TECH, AQUAPROX intervenes at several levels:

  • Conditioning process water
  • Treating and recycling wastewater

A few references

At a bottles and stoppers production site for the perfumes and cosmetics industry. Treatment and recycling installation for water collected from the furnaces.

Mission assigned

  • Recycling collected water (120 m3/h) by lamellar settling, with  surface hydrocarbons being trapped by an oil drum.
  • A system blow-down (10 m3/h) flows back to the natural environment after checking.


  • Major water savings
  • Ensuring the compliance of discharges