Agrofood industry

AQUAPROX offers its water management expertise to the agrofood sector.

Water recycling, methane fermentation, and sludge reduction are among the solutions which have gained the enthusiastic support of the agrofood sector’s industries.

AQUAPROX offers solutions for all situations: boiler water, cooling water, wastewater, water clarification and water recycling technologies to help its customers determine the best way to efficiently achieve their objectives.

Some references

Frozen vegetables plant

Treatment of the steam generators and cooling systems

Mission assigned to AQUAPROX

  • Treatment of the installations’ water in agreement with manufacturers’ standards
  • Production of food steam: ANSES (French National Agency for Food, Environmental and Work Health and Safety) and FDA approved product range
  • Control of the legionella risk for the cooling systems
  • Optimisation of conditioning product and water consumption levels
  • Monitoring installations and equipment maintenance (softener, dosing pump, regulating system, etc.)
  • Staff training


  • Energy savings (water and fuel) and treatment products savings
  • Increase in the installations’ service life
  • Making production reliable
  • Reduction and optimisation of the time spent by operators monitoring the installations