Maintenance and support

Maintenance is really at the heart of a co-operation policy between AQUAPROX/ AQUAPROX I-TECH and its customers. The company has structured this business line to support its customers with technical services adapted to their needs and the independence of each entity, whether what is involved is a production unit or a tertiary sector activity;

For us, these services are just as high a priority as the design and proper execution of the installations:

Preventive maintenance

  • Diagnostics and control
  • Personalised maintenance contract
  • Setting up progress initiatives along with dedicated indicators (failure repeatability, top 10, analysis of feedback).

Good practices mastered by specialised staff constitute an important factor for improving the productivity and efficiency of installations

Interventions on demand

  • Carrying out corrective actions
  • Supply of specific reagents and spare parts

The decentralised presence of technicians enables responsive intervention under the framework of contractual guarantee missions, as well as for corrective operations not under warranty

Supply of spare parts and consumables

Our stocks enable a quick response to the requests made to us for spare parts or consumables.

Delegated operation

Several major names in the industry have entrusted us with the operation of their water treatment units based on:

  • Either part-time multi-site monitoring
  • Or a permanent delegation of on-site staff



Industry concerned
Rail and road transport company.

Issue to be dealt with
The company operates 45 washing and maintenance centres for its equipment for which it requested the outsourcing of all the maintenance operations.
The expected service had to fulfil several requirements: Reduction of water consumption, compliance of discharges and the ongoing availability of the structures.

Aquaprox solution proposed
Hierarchisation of the interventions into 3 categories:

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance visits, the duration and frequency of which are adapted to the characteristics of each site’s treatment unit: biological purification, physical and chemical treatment, electro-coagulation, and evaporative concentration.
  • Corrective maintenance according to the preventive maintenance reports, whilst maintaining the plant’s availability.
  • Improvement work, in consultation with the customer.

Operational results

  • Water recycling ratio of 90 % for the washing installations.
  • Compliance of all the parameters subject to regulations at the mechanical maintenance workshops.

Economic results

  • 90 % reduction in fresh water consumption.
  • Optimisation of treatment reagents consumption and of waste production.
  • Reduction in the fees paid to the sewage network manager.

The outsourcing of these maintenance operations enables:

  • Uniformity of actions at the various sites
  • Regular feedback of information to the manager, in accordance with the jointly pre-determined indicators
  • A wide dissemination of feedback and good practices